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Clear Dog Treats

Clear Dog Treats - Chicken Breast Jerky 100g

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Chicken Breast Jerky Dog Treats – Please note these are not really soft chicken pieces. The softer products are soaked in Glycerine (preservative E422) before being dried which acts as a preservative, sweetener and softener. This is some of the only chicken breast jerky on the market specially made for CLEAR Dog which contains no preservatives (many do not list it or realise it has it in!). Therefore these fillets are harder slices of breast. This is all-natural. It is not marinated in a glycerine gel solution before being dehydrated to keep a higher water content.

You get a lot of chicken for your dollar with our product. Since this doesn’t contain a water-based glycerine gel which gives the other dehydrated chicken products a juicer and softer appearance. It’s used so they can have a much higher water content as it also acts as a mould inhibitor.

This is one reason why other Australian and imported chicken treats can be cheaper – the more glycerine they put in, the higher the water content can be so the heavier it is and the more money they make as you are buying a water/glycerine solution instead of chicken.

Please note:

This product can smell as we do not hide any smells with preservatives or additives (glycerine is sweet smelling and often covers chicken jerky smells), this is simply the natural product, dehydrated. Whilst it can have a strong smell, dogs love it! The smell comes from concentrated nutrients after dehydration. It takes about 4kgs of raw chicken breast/tenderloin just to get 1kg of dehydrated chicken breast/tenderloin!

Our products have a best before of 12 months from purchase if kept sealed and stored out of direct sunlight and under 30c on average.

Did you know that the probable cause of the animal deaths linked to Chinese chicken breast/tenderloin treats is being linked to an industrial glycerine being used by ‘accident’? Another reason we stay Australian and we stay preservative-free!

This is a fantastic quality Australian chicken breast product without the use of a glycerine preservative/additive/sweetener. The quality chicken breasts we use are high in vitamins and nutrients with no added sugar or colours. It is the perfect treat for rewarding your furry friend.

They are rich in protein, low in fat, and will help keep your dog strong.