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KONG Holiday Scrattles Cafe

KONG Holiday Scrattles Cafe

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KONG Scrattles kitty toys offers an irresistible feast of rattling fun for cats hungry for batting and pouncing play. Christmas cookies, a gingerbread man and hot cocoa toys are lightweight and ideal for chasing and capturing, satisfying natural hunting instincts. At Kitty Café, there’s a range of holiday favorites, but everything comes in one flavor—KONG North American Premium Catnip. It’s packed in every toy along to extend the fun.

It’s holiday time at the Kitty Café, with rattling plush toy versions of holiday favorites made for cats hungry for pouncing and batting action— all flavored with KONG North American Premium Catnip. Gluten free.

  • Rattles for active play
  • Lightweight for batting fun
  • Small size ideal for pounce-and-capture satisfaction
  • KONG Premium North American Catnip brightens holiday mood
  • Favourite holiday treats entertain cats with instinct-satisfying play

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