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OPTIMUM Puppy with Chicken and Rice Wet Dog Food

OPTIMUM Puppy with Chicken and Rice Wet Dog Food

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OPTIMUM™ Puppy Chicken & Rice Wet Dog Food Can

Just like us, what a puppy eats has a powerful effect on their health. OPTIMUM™ Puppy wet formula has been developed to provide your puppy with a delicious and healthy meal, which provides the right nutritional balance of vitamins and minerals to support healthy development.

OPTIMUM™ Puppy wet formula can be fed on its own or mixed with OPTIMUM™ Puppy wet formula to give your puppy a perfectly balanced meal with all the additional nutrients they need.

OPTIMUM™ provides a nutritionally complete and balanced meal that your puppy will enjoy everyday

OPTIMUM™ Puppy wet is available in Chicken & Rice in a 700g can.

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